A Lone Gunman Never Alone


I have been doing research on Pieces of the Puzzle Volume 2. In the course of research, I am rereading older blog posts, books, article, you know…the thing those of us interested in finding the truth do!!!

I sometimes liken this search for my grandfather’s camera original film and for finding out what REALLY happened November 22, 1963 as to a show on one of the sub-cable networks about finding treasure on Oak Island. They find so many pieces of interesting things, but never the treasure. I so want to find the treasure. There are so many treasures in this case, each fact, each interview, each found FBI/CIA Memorandum a rare doubloon whose value is tangible, but when collected with all the other doubloons a rich treasure.

Okay, I’m off course again, sorry. That’s what happens when you write stream of consciousness style on your blog. No wonder the guy who commented on Richard Syrett’s interview with me on YouTube said, “your guest is beyond annoying.” I suppose I am to some.


Back to a fact that slammed me in the face tonight from Joan Mellon’s blog. She was visiting with Jim Garrison and sharing her reflections of their time together. I like the way she writes. She adds flavor to her descriptions. Anyway, she writes:

Garrison was convinced that CIA was behind the assassinationof John F. Kennedy. As he said, when he looked at Oswald in Louisiana during the summer of 1963, he noticed that Oswald was not only never alone, so much for the lone assassin theory, but that everyone he was seen with had some connection to CIA. So my interest in CIA which has grown over the years was connected to this foundation I received from Jim Garrison, and to the early years of my own political education.

Oswald was never alone! Never!! So of course, my first question is, then why did no one see him with Judyth Vary Baker? Ever?

My second question is, where is the list of people known to be seen with Oswald?

My third question, (yes, this is how I think when writing) I wonder if any of these people are still alive and I can interview them?

And on a side note, my Dad, Orville Nix Jr turned 80 on Sunday. He went with my grandfather the night Dynacolor called to say he had assassination footage. They watched it over and over. He also went with my grandfather to NY when Time/Life wanted to purchase the film. They didn’t, but UPI did.

We had a surprise birthday party for him on Saturday. So many lovely friends from his high school, young adulthood, kids he coached, city council people when he served on the DeSoto City Council, and close friends came. All his grandkids and kids did as well. He even had nieces and nephews and great-grandkids attend. He was so touched. He was so surprised. It was a beautiful day for him!

I have had issues in the past with my Dad. I suppose most of us do with people we love, we’re all only human. I just want to say, I love my Dad. I forgive him. I’m proud of him. Because for the few bad things he did there are hundreds of good ones. He influenced so many lives. He made me the mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend I am. He stressed thinking. He stressed education. He stressed putting others before yourself. He said being alone is okay, but never be alone. Always have friends and family. I am proud to be his daughter. I love you Dad!



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