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Eugene Locke: Research not included in my Book

Many people have asked me, since the book, Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film has been published, why Forrest Sorrels talked to my grandfather about the parade route.   I suppose he did because they were friends.  I also suppose he did because he was concerned as to whether or not the route was a…
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Guest Post by Brian Kelshaw: The TSBD Power Cut – Fact or Fiction?

[caption id="attachment_3073" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Breaker Boxes inside the Texas School Book Depository[/caption] This is a guest post from a UK researcher, Brian Kelshaw.  For years, there have been rumors that the power went off for a bit at the TSBD and even in Washington.  Kelshaw explores the rumors in this article. The TSBD Power Cut…
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Neely Street Research: The Letter Written in Russian to Marina

[caption id="attachment_3065" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Neely Street 1963[/caption]   My friend Steve Roe just posted on Facebook pictures of his recent trip to Dallas and Lee Harvey Oswald’s home on Neely Street.  It made me think that though the Oswalds didn’t live there long, the home on Neely played heavily into understanding the psyche, patsy and Paines…
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“Consign the Whole JFK Assassination to Oblivion”



In August of 1999, Russian President Boris Yeltsin handed this collection of Soviet documents to President Clinton. They can now be found at the AARC Library.

Some of the documents relate to the decision to allow Lee Harvey Oswald to stay in the Soviet Union in 1959, when Oswald requested Soviet citizenship. These papers are interesting mostly for the signatures on them, showing that this decision reached very high levels within the Soviet government.

The remainder of the documents were generated in the wake of the assassination of President Kennedy, and reveal the Soviets’ fears of being tied to Oswald and their perception that the assassination was a right-wing conspiracy designed to make it look like Oswald was sponsored by the KGB.

Of great interest to me are the documents I’ve included in this post. They seem to me to be saying, “The US isn’t even sure who killed the president, and until they do, let’s stay out of this.”

Yeltsin_0071aIn the continuation of the above letter, read the second, third and fourth paragraphs. Note how the Soviets state

…:…it clearly prefers to consign the whole business to oblivion as soon as possible.

Further, the letter below  states that the Soviets too believed Oswald was a “patsy” . Yeltsin_0095a

One gets the definite impression that the letter was concocted by those who, judging from everything, are involved in the President’s assassination.


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