Does anyone know a Lawyer who is willing to fight the government for the Nix film?

The Nix film has become the Holy Grail to many, including me. over the last 4 decades I’ve been told it was in Mexico; traded to a Sheikh; confiscated by Robert Groden. Robert Groden says he got his best copy from David Lifton.

The camera-original is lost. It’s the only film that shows the grassy knoll. Robert Groden, Mo Weitzman, and JFK researchers have studied the copies of the Nix film and feel they see movement behind the fence. We will never have a clear answer to the Assassination without analyzing the camera original Nix film.

I’ve been told the National Archives didn’t have it.

I’ve been told by Jane Downey of the HSCA that she had no idea and as of 2 years ago, didn’t know what the Nix film was.

I’ve been told that the HSCA returned the film to UPI (who by then was defunct)

I’ve been told there is an elusive receipt of the return to UPI that I nor any of my friends have ever seen. Including the late Gary Mack.

I’ve been told the HSCA only used copies and still photos of the Nix film.

G. Robert Blakey swore he would take full responsibility if I found the HSCA lost it. Before he died, Louis Stokes tried to help me find a trail. He never could. Stokes and Blakey are pictured above.

I have evidence that most of these statements are untrue. The HSCA had the original. It just never saw the light of public day after the HSCA was over.

Does someone know a lawyer with the wherewithal and disgust to help me in my fight to make this right?

I am pleading.


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