2019 Announcement: Pieces of the Puzzle Volume Two is Coming!

Research and Photo Credit: Chris Davidson


I’m pleased to announce that Pieces of the Puzzle Volume Two is in process. This Volume, like the one before it, will be an anthology of many stories that you may or may not have heard regarding the JFK assassination. It is written with strict reference to events experienced by the author (s) based on their memories, records and interviews. This book series is unlike any in the genre of JFK books. In these books you will find interviews with living witnesses; detailed histories of Dallas and surrounding areas; anecdotal evidence in regards to the assassination and proof that some of the facts we have held as truth for many years are indeed misinformation. Readers of this series will also find that each chapter is written by a different author, some may have written more than one chapter, so the series has a different tone as each writer has their own style. This is the kind of book that you can read a chapter, put it down, and read another and it will be like reading another book. The thread that binds these stories together is the JFK Assassination. Pieces of the Puzzle is a vigorously footnoted book, but doesn’t read as a grocery list of facts. If you haven’t read the first one, you can contact me at gnjack@att.net or buy it on Amazon.

The first volume, Pieces of the Puzzle has been selected as required reading for the Spring 2019 semester of Dr. Larry Sabato’s JFK class at the University of Virginia. Read more about Dr. Sabato’s class here.

My first book, Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Film has been selected as required reading for Dr. Paul Debole’s Political Science course, “Conspiracy in American Politics” for the 2019 Spring Semester at Lasell College in Massachusetts. You can read his blog here.

I will update this site as the book progresses and as new information is found. Speaking of new information, I have a document from the HSCA that states “..a Special Agent was required to accompany and maintain custody of the Nix film since it was ‘one of a kind’….” later it states, “the projector apparently malfunctioned and caused damage to at LEAST one of the frames….”

Well, well well….so we go from being told the HSCA never had the original film to “damaging at least one frame.”…. Wonder which frame this could be? What say you?

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