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2018 JFK Conferences/Events in Dallas—Where is the New Info?

    Next month, hundreds of people will come to Dallas to pay homage to the death of John F. Kennedy.  They will spend money at conferences, hotels, tours, luncheons and of course, the Sixth Floor Museum.  Below is an analysis of the events of which I am aware and a question for many of…
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The Truth about Truth—Read at your own Risk

Two years ago and progressing, I met Walter Machann.  I wanted to interview him for my book, but I found more, much more.  He shared his philosophy with me and suggested books on truth.  This generous man even gave me a book on truth by Paul Feyerabend as a gift.  No, this isn't a plug…
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Special For Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Great News!

  Hello All, There is a chance that both my Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film and my new book, Pieces of the Puzzle: An Anthology will find their ways to small or large screens in the future. Based on this great news, I'm sharing with you! If you haven't purchased either book, want…
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