Will Fritz’s Notes

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Much has been said of Captain Will Fritz’s notes when talking to Oswald.  Many believe these notes PROVE that Oswald was on the front steps with Bill Shelley.  I kindly submit, with thanks to Clint Bradford and Walt Brown, the following:

From Clint Bradford’s website, taken from WC evidence:

Mr. BALL. Do you remember what you said to Oswald and what he said to you?

Mr. FRITZ. I can remember the thing that I said to him and what he said to me, but I will have trouble telling you which period of questioning those questions were in because I kept no notes at the time, and these notes and things that I have made I would have to make several days later, and the questions may be in the wrong place…

And further, from Clint Bradford’s extensive site, a thorough listing of all accounts of Will Fritz’s testimony made by Walt Brown:



Can we now leave this out of the argument that Will Fritz knew Oswald was on the steps?  Why don’t we concentrate on the notes that show which shirt he was wearing and how he changed?  Or what he admits or denies?

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