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White House Efforts by Dick Cheney to Blunt the Church Committee

Washington, D.C., July 20, 2015 - Forty years ago this year, Congress’s first serious inquiry into CIA abuses faced many of the same political and bureaucratic obstructions as Senate investigators have confronted in assessing Intelligence Community performance since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Records posted today for the first time by the National Security…
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RIP Gary Mack

Those of you who know me well know that Gary Mack and I were really good friends for many years before he went to work for The Sixth Floor Museum. We argued, we laughed, we debated and we shared ideas.  I called him each time I heard his voice on a local commercial.  He respected my…
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Reopen the JFK Assassination Case in Texas


The research I’m doing for the new book I’m working on has led me to more questions than answers. When I get irate about how an important film like my grandfather Orville Nix’s camera original footage of the JFK Assassination could be missing, I find even more missing evidence or unanswered questions or “government destroyed records” that moves me through the gauntlet of emotion from frustration to incredulous to incorrigible. How can a government with all the resources the United States has and had make this many mistakes?

I submit they cannot.

Even with human fallibility, our government payroll is so large, there’s a big enough check and balance system to equalize the mistakes. Logically, it makes no sense. This is but another form of cover-up and propaganda to keep the questions at bay; to keep the status quo; and to rule without fear of constituent revolt.

Why are we allowing this? Are we THAT busy that we don’t care?

Do we fear people will make fun of us as “conspiracy theorists?”

Do we trust our government implicitly even after seeing what has happened in other countries since the dawn of time?

Do we not care about how history is written or for the future of our society?

The next blog will be about more key questions and missing evidence for which we must find answers. First things first though. We are not allowed to complain if we don’t take action. I submit that you write your congress person or better yet, sign the following petition to have the JFK Assassination Case reopened in Texas: