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The Evidence is in the Films…

Josiah Thompson wrote the seminal book,  Six Seconds in Dallas.  Here he is filmed by legendary documentary maker Errol Morris discussing how important films are to the evidence.  We must find the Nix film!   More on Josiah Thompson and the Nix film here
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Earlene Roberts and the Misnumbered Squad Car

Earlene Roberts was the manager/housekeeper for the rooming house on 1026 N. Beckley where Lee Harvey Oswald lived on 11/22/63.  Her story is one of the big areas of debate for researchers into the JFK Assassination. Here is Ms. Roberts discussing her encounter with H.O. Lee that day (the name he used while at the…
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A Mother’s Day Tribute to Ella Nix, Elaine Nix and Jackie Kennedy

  [caption id="attachment_2678" align="alignnone" width="400"] Jackie Kennedy: Happy Mother's Day[/caption]   My grandmother Ella "Granny" Nix married Orville Nix in 1938.  A year later, Ella became a mother to my Dad, Orville Jr.  She was the kind of mother that we all strive to be:  The Mother that protects her children when its needed and…
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