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Here is the newest video done by my daughter, Orville Nix’s great-granddaughter, Taylor Jackson.  This one has 4 generations of Nix’s talking about the Nix film:  Orville Nix, Orville Nix, Jr., me and my daughter.  Those who saw her first video will see that she used some of the elements from the first one but added interviews.  Help us spread the word.  Let’s find the Nix film!


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  1. markster1968
    I'm sure that many "interested parties" within the United States government know exactly where the film is should be sittting in a filing cabinet next to the out-of-camera original Zapruder film, Muchmore film (also spliced I believe) and probably the original Towner film.. the Secret Service, FBI, CIA and NSA, among others, should have copies of the ORIGINALS...there is no reason to assume that that that should not be the case. The fact that so much of the photographic record, both photographs and moving pictures, has been tampered, damaged in custody, or outright forged begs many questions. However, I feel there are two main issues at stake...the first obviously, concealing evidence of additional gunmen and the actions of complicit parties on the ground, but I am beginning to embrace the other option more and more, that being the actions and inactions of the Secret Service, before, during and after JFK's fatal wounding. At the moment I'm really really digging into that angle, but I have become convinced that some gunfire DID originate from WITHIN the motorcade. Police motorcycle officers also witnessed an agent snatch a piece of JFK's skull which had been picked up along the curb by a young boy to the left and rear of the limousine, in my opinion most likely young Joe Brehm. There was considerable activity witnessed on the part of agents around the limousine before it departed from the plaza...all of which was adeptly erased from the visual record. When the original film is finally returned, you'll know if it's the real deal as there should be ALOT of activity evident...and many questions answered. Very Best to you! Mark

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