Have You Read Pieces of the Puzzle? Want More?

If you have read my new book, Pieces of the Puzzle, you know there is a video made by the sons of Robert Surrey.  Robert Surrey was the aide-de-camp to General Edwin Walker.  He was also the Secretary of the American Nazi Party.   His daughter presented roses to the late and Vietnam War controversial Madame Nhu.  His home was filled with electronic listening devices.  He pled the 5th Amendment over 30 times to the Warren Commission.  What do his sons share about the memories of times with their father?  Want to know?   Allen Trent has kindly given readers of Pieces of the Puzzle the chance to see this never before seen video of the Surrey sons.  It is eye-opening.  It is new information about the JFK Assassination.  See what you believe after watching it.

All you have to do to get the link to see this video is send your email address to:  gnj@gaylenixjackson.com with the subject line “Pieces of the Puzzle” and which chapter contains the story about Robert Surrey and his sons. Be one of the first to see new information about a case many think has nothing new to offer.

Thank you for your interest in Pieces of the Puzzle and thank you for reading!

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