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2019 Announcement: Pieces of the Puzzle Volume Two is Coming!

[caption id="attachment_3235" align="aligncenter" width="540"] Research and Photo Credit: Chris Davidson[/caption]   I'm pleased to announce that Pieces of the Puzzle Volume Two is in process. This Volume, like the one before it, will be an anthology of many stories that you may or may not have heard regarding the JFK assassination. It is written with…
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RFK and the Threat to LBJ by James Wagenvoord

One of the dearest men in the world to me is James Wagenvoord. I am fortunate enough to not only call him friend, but to have his thoughts, experiences and great talent in Pieces of the Puzzle. James writes the Foreword as well as the first chapter.  Below is a piece he wrote in reference…
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Steve Roe Shares More About Jimmy George Robinson, MLK, Hosty and the Klan

I am pleased to share this wonderful research from Steve Roe; one of the authors of Pieces of the Puzzle: An Anthology.   Jimmy George Robinson was a Klansmen from the Dallas suburb of Garland.  The FBI's James Hosty was investigating him and many researchers have touched on this character including David Wrone, Gerald McKnight…
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