The Dallas CAPA Conference 2018


The JFK Conferences will begin next week.  I will be at the Old Red Courthouse (pictured above) where CAPA will be holding their symposium on Thursday, November 15th.  I look forward to meeting all of you who have emailed, messaged or called me.  This should be a relevant, academic and enlightening meeting.   Please arrive safely and please do not be taken in by the disinformation that will be running rampant through the streets and hotels of Dallas during the anniversary of the horrific murder of John F. Kennedy.  Please do not believe the hype that there is only ONE good tour to take of Dallas sites.  The person making that claim and charging for the tour never even lived in Dallas. I have my whole life, as have other researchers and authors.  I seriously suggest you be open-minded and ask questions when something doesn’t sound right.  If you go to other conferences listen to the speakers who speak annually and see if their stories change over the years or if they can answer key facts.  See if the conferences are using unbiased moderators who ask the hard questions or are they just promoting the theories/agendas of their hosts:  Think CRITICALLY!  If there is a question/answer session, is it handled civilly?  Are witnesses treated fairly?  So few of these conferences will have true witnesses to the times.  The CAPA Conference will have them.

Also, if you have a copy of my book Pieces of the Puzzle, you can find addresses and sites you should visit while in Dallas by reading the words of Steve Roe and my chapters.   For the most recent reviews of the book, please visit Jim Di Eugenio’s site here and Bill Kelly’s site here.

You can find more information about CAPA here:

For those traveling to Dallas, enjoy your trip and be safe!  I hope to see you here!

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