Day TWELVE: Pieces of the Puzzle–What is it about?

Many have asked me what the book is about. It’s a unique book in that it is an anthology. You won’t just hear my voice, but those of Doug Conn, Steve Roe, Chris Scally and James Wagenvoord. It’s like a buffet of reading! Not only that, this isn’t a wholly conspiracy book. Those who believe Lee Oswald acted alone will find a chapter by Steve Roe that leans towards that belief: the others counter it though none are conjecture. All is fact, experience and referenced material. What else will you read in Pieces of the Puzzle?

Each chapter in the book is a stand-alone story about an event or witness key to the JFK Assassination. If this book were to become serialized on a History or Mystery network, each story could make an episode. Further, this book’s extensive research could be used by students of history in the classroom. In fact, Dr. Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia is making this book required reading for his Kennedy Half-Century class.

As a political tome, it contrasts and compares the socio-political atmosphere of the 1960s and its genesis to the atmosphere we are witnessing in current times. Though each chapter stands alone, they are related due to the history, relations to one another and events in Dallas and the world in regards to the JFK Assassination.

To those of you who are in Dallas this weekend, I hope your stay in enjoyable and that you learn much. I look forward to seeing you for the Book Launch at the Texas Theatre on November 20, 2017 from 6-8 pm.

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