What Do the Jonestown Massacre and the JFK Assassination Have in Common?

Mark Lane and Jim Jones

Mark Lane and Jim Jones and Charles Garry

Jonestown and JFK:  Two Horrors, Many Parallels

My friends Zach Jendro and Trish Fleming are 2 of the best researchers I know.  They’re always sending me new articles they find and sometimes reading one automatically pushes my soapbox under my feet.  So is the case today.  This article did it for me today.

Why are we so entranced by cult-like mentality?  You know that mentality, it has many costume changes.  As an author, you want to be on Oprah’s Book List.  As a burn out, you want to be a Manson follower.  As a JFK researcher, you may jump on the theory that seems most popular at the moment:  Oswald in the Doorway, Oswald’s Innocence, Oswald’s girlfriend, the Secret Service did it, Jackie did it….ad nauseum.

Why do we do this?  Do we have that much guilt for how horrible times are?  Or are we just easily persuaded?  Do we use our logic?  Or do we use our emotion and romance to color our views?  Maybe it’s just downright mislead hero worship, the kind you have for a Kardashian or a Paris Hilton.  Who knows?

Think about those things as you read the list of Jonestown and JFK Parallels, then let me know what you think.  Coincidence?  Destiny?  Cult-like Mentality? Or something more sinister?

  • Conspirary theories abound:  Was Jonestown a mass suicide or mass murder?  Was JFK murdered by a lone gunman or a Coup d’état?
  • CIA Involvement:  MKULTRA, the CIA operation was alive and well and in action during both events.
  • Mark Lane:  One of the iconic JFK Researchers  made his fame from the JFK Assassination.  He was also present, but escaped to the jungle during the Jonestown Massacre.

There are more, but these should be enough to get your critical thinking skills going.  I know my answers and thoughts to the above bulleted list.  Want to share yours?

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