Snippets from my Upcoming Book

I am sitting on my hands trying to keep from sharing too much about my upcoming book, working title: JFK: The Untold Stories.

I can’t help but notice that though some of the revelations key witnesses to 1960’s media and JFK Assassination witnesses disclose has been discussed in the past in books such as David Talbot’s Brothers. My book doesn’t regurgitate, nor go into lengthy diatribes. I, unfortunately, did not have access to the types of information or elitist contacts that writers before me have had. What I do have is James Wagenvoord’s first hand, confirmed experiences as a Life Magazine executive. He discusses Ed Partin, the man James Di Eugenio labels, “(a)serial and certified liar” and rightly so. Lying was his job as a flunky of Jimmy Hoffa and snitch. It was his testimony that sent Hoffa to jail during his second trial. And the JFK Justice Department used Life Magazine to make it happen.

And herein lies the undercurrent of the book: the running gag of American government is that people are easily manipulated be it by media, late but unverifiable witnesses, or hero worship. Manipulation means control. Control means power. Things will never change if we don’t ask questions.

This book will give witness proofs to many theories put forth by Commission critics. It won’t solve the case, but I hope it makes the reader remember that a democratic government has an obligation to inform and be transparent…not try to shape our opinions with tweets, social media fake accounts, funded “projects” for newly found witnesses or fear-mongering.

During JFK’s time the Extremists, the military-industrial complex and yes, even members of the Administration were trying to shape our opinion about Communism, Oswald’s guilt and playing upon our ancestor’s patriot pride.During today’s time, the Trump administration is using all the dirty tricks (and tricksters) the extremists used to sway our opinions about immigration, healthcare and media truth. Do you see the parallel?



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