The JFK Assassination: Why Does It Matter?


I have been in a huge funk this week.  I shouldn’t be.  I’ve got a daily conversation with Larrie Schmidt.  I am speaking to a woman whose mother was given a copy of “some important home movie” of the assassination the week after it occurred.  I have made a friend who is helping me locate Father Machann.  All in all, from a JFK researcher point of view, it’s been a good week.

But I’m depressed.  Know why?

A light came on this week for me.  A bright, freaking beacon with dual lights.

I cannot trust anyone.


Most people are liars.

Our government cannot be trusted either.  No wait, not just our government…but the world.

How did we allow this to happen?  What can we do to overcome it?

There is an insidious element in this world.  It is fueled by greed, power and the need to control. For those of you who don’t believe in religion, but believe in evil, you need to reassess your beliefs.  You can’t have evil without good.  You can blame all the world’s problems on religion, but the world’s problems are caused by good people not doing the right thing.  That means religious and atheistic people are to blame.  We are to blame.

And for those of you who think Donald Trump, Bernie Saunders, Hilary Clinton, Jeb Bush  or anyone else is going to make the US a better place, think again.  Everyone running is from the same cake mold with different icings:  they don’t care about us, they are leveraging themselves to get closer to the evil.  It doesn’t matter what political party they represent, they want what the elusive powers that be already have:  the ability to kill leaders, have more money than they can count and not take responsibility for their actions.  They know most people are sheep and will do nothing to make the world a better place.  The sheep won’t sign petitions, volunteer their time or pay it forward unless it involves Kardashians, the confederate flag or Cecil the Lion.  The sheep will look the other way at starving children, homeless people, uneducated people and abused wives.  In essence, sheep are stupid.

I choose not to be a sheep.  I started a petition that still isn’t being signed by all the people who claim to want to Reopen the JFK Case.  The sheep on Facebook would rather talk about mindless things to make themselves feel smarter.  They would rather step on another’s head to make themselves feel taller.  They would rather hide behind their monitors and not show their true colors. It’s disgusting!

I’ve decided that the people who killed JFK got away with it and are so insulated by fall guys we will never figure out who they are.  The thing the sheep don’t understand though is this.  This evil didn’t just kill our 35th president…no….they killed our idealism.  They killed our want to be the government of the people for the people. We are now in the throes of “me, me, meisms” and no one has time for anything but keeping their heads above water.

If you are reading this and agree with me, help me.  Sign the petition. Put me in contact with someone who can help me build an app that builds idealism.  We have to make a change.  The people running for office won’t do it…it will have to begin with a grass-roots campaign spread by word of mouth.  We must teach the people of our future that helping one another is much more important than power and wealth and that with power and wealth come great responsibility.  John F. Kennedy was the last president to speak this way.  Let’s honor his spirit by doing the right thing.

Are you with me?

Nota bene: I suggest you educate yourselves about the relationships between Trump, Clinton, Nixon, Bush and the conduit…Roger Stone.   They all say they want to “fix” the broken system but they’re still paying people like Stone who helped break the system.  If you believe socialism is the way of the future, Bernie Saunders is your candidate.  I still believe in Democracy, but I’m hoping some bright person will come up with a better socio-economic system.

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