Christmas Special from 12/3-12/17 Free Gift Wrap!

Do you need a quick gift for a history book lover?  Do you never know what to get Great-Uncle Bill?  Starting December 3rd and continuing through December 17th, you can order a book from and it will be gift wrapped free.  Cost?  $30 plus shipping.  Want an even better deal?  Bundle my first book, Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film along with my new book, Pieces of the Puzzle for a special price of $50 plus shipping.  That’s $20 off!  Hurry, the bundle prices will only last as long as I have one box left of Orville Nix books in hand.

The books are wrapped in a rustic gold threaded jute, then tied with a sparkly black mesh bow.  A peppermint striped twine bow is then wrapped around the black mesh with a metal puzzle piece charm attached.  No need for wrapping paper or bags, the book is wrapped!

Books are great Christmas gifts and last forever.  They can be collected, passed down or donated to local libraries.  Order yours today and know you’re giving a gift of intelligence and thought.

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