2019 Announcement: Pieces of the Puzzle Volume Two is Coming!

[caption id="attachment_3235" align="aligncenter" width="540"] Research and Photo Credit: Chris Davidson[/caption]   I'm pleased to announce that Pieces of the Puzzle Volume Two is in process. This Volume, like the one before it, will be an anthology of many stories that you may or may not have heard regarding the JFK assassination. It is written with…
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The Dallas CAPA Conference 2018

  The JFK Conferences will begin next week.  I will be at the Old Red Courthouse (pictured above) where CAPA will be holding their symposium on Thursday, November 15th.  I look forward to meeting all of you who have emailed, messaged or called me.  This should be a relevant, academic and enlightening meeting.   Please…
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2018 JFK Conferences/Events in Dallas—Where is the New Info?

    Next month, hundreds of people will come to Dallas to pay homage to the death of John F. Kennedy.  They will spend money at conferences, hotels, tours, luncheons and of course, the Sixth Floor Museum.  Below is an analysis of the events of which I am aware and a question for many of…
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