I’m Blogging

I’m so excited that this is my first blog entry on my new website! I have to give credit to my awesome friend and web developer, Lin Taylor for this extensive site. Didn’t she do a great job? On this page each day, you will find updates on anything new in the JFK world as…
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My Book Is About To Be Published!

It looks as if the book should be at the printer by the third week of March and on its way to those of you who have pre-ordered by the end of March. We’re hoping it will be sooner. The book will be available in softcover and digital versions on Amazon, Nook and Itunes and…
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Taylor Jackson Report

Taylor Jackson, my daughter and Orville Nix’s great-granddaughter will be posting videos she has made in regards to the Nix film and the JFK Assassination. Watch here for the newest uploaded video.