2018 JFK Conferences/Events in Dallas—Where is the New Info?



Next month, hundreds of people will come to Dallas to pay homage to the death of John F. Kennedy.  They will spend money at conferences, hotels, tours, luncheons and of course, the Sixth Floor Museum.  Below is an analysis of the events of which I am aware and a question for many of the directors of the events.  Where is the new info?

First, in the past, I have put together week-long events for hundreds of people.  It’s not an easy job, so my empathy goes out to all those who are coordinating these events.  So much time goes into getting the speakers, the program and of course the venue for conferences.  I have never been paid to speak at one of these, so I don’t know if some authors are paid by these events or not.  They should be.  Especially those who are coming from out of state.  I understand that some of these events are the livelihood for the conference directors and their revenue comes only once a year. To that end, they must ensure they have plenty of people there to buy tickets in order to pay for the venue where the event is held.  But that’s neither here or there…the real question is, is it worth your time and money?

First, if you just want to go to a conference with like minded people who share your interests, by all means attend one or all of the conferences that will be held in November in Dallas. Second, if you would like to meet the authors of books you have read in the past 20 years, then by all means go.  You can meet authors, buy their books and talk to them face to face.   But if you’re looking for new information that includes things you have not heard before, then you may have few choices.

Below is an analysis of each conference, their speakers and events scheduled.  Of course, this is accurate as of today’s date.  Many of these rosters say the schedules/speakers could change.

October 29, 2018  7-9 PM CST

Where?  The Sixth Floor Museum

What?  Conflicting Conclusions:  The Government Assassination Investigations

Cost?  $25.00

The Sixth Floor Publicity Department bills this as a “riveting discussion” between Warren Commission leader and author Howard P. Willens and House Select Committee counsel and author, G. Robert Blakey.  Willens claims the WC got it right, Blakey claims the HSCA got it right.  I may attend just to speak with Mr. Blakey who has told me many times that if justice finds that the Nix film was lost/stolen/ruined during it’s time at the HSCA, he will take full responsibility.  Both men have books relating to their tenure.  If I cannot attend, will someone please ask Mr. Blakey why the HSCA didn’t use due diligence in protecting the camera original Nix film?

Analysis:  In the past, the Sixth Floor Museum has not taken a “there could have been a conspiracy” stance.  Robert Blakey believes that the Mafia may have been instrumental in the death of president Kennedy and finds the destruction of files by our government reprehensible.  Howard Willens believes anyone who doesn’t believe the Warren Commission has issues.  Operation Mockingbird anyone?  This should be a great program if moderated fairly.

AUTHOR’S PICK!!!!!  November 15, 2018 12 pm to 9pm

Where?  The Old Red Courthouse, Downtown Dallas

What?  Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) will host “The Last Witnesses–Revealing the Truth Symposium”

Cost? Ticket Prices:
Full Day Non-CAPA Members: $75
Full Day CAPA Members: $50
Evening Hours Only (6-9 PM): $25
Streaming Full Day Non-CAPA Members: $39.99
Streaming Full Day CAPA Members: $19.99

If you can only attend one conference, this is the one to attend! CAPA has the pedigree of a great organization.   I have great respect for many of CAPA’s Board of Directors and members including Dr. Cyril Wecht, Bill Kelly, Bill Simpich and Glenda de Vaney. If you want to find a JFK program in Dallas this Fall that will shed light on new developments and verified witnesses, this is the 1 day Symposium to attend.  The prices are reasonable.  The speakers are interesting and unknown to many, and new information is worth the price of the ticket.  Speakers include:

  • John Curington, H.L. Hunt’s right-hand man
  • Parkland Hospital doctors/nurse panel: Dr. Klein and Dr. Loeb
  • The first showing of the history-changing 3D animation of the Zapruder film that refutes the single bullet theory.
  • Dr. Miller, who worked with Dr. Malcom Perry
  • Wes Wise, former Dallas mayor and news journalist
  • My friend and key witness to the Zapruder film events, the LHO Backyard photos and editor at Life magazine, James Wagenvoord.  He also wrote a key chapter in Pieces of the Puzzle as well as the forward.
  • And much more

Analysis:  CAPA has picked up the gauntlet the late John Judge carried for years as the organizer of COPA.  The mission statement for CAPA is extensive and one I support whole-heartedly.  It reads in part

  • Work to get the JFK records
  • Petition Congress and the National Archives to see to the enforcement of the JFK Act, hold public hearings on missing and destroyed records and ensure the October 2017 date for release of the last records is met.
  • Sue the government to locate and obtain the release of all assassination records – including the records of the CIA, Secret Service, ONI, NSA and WHCA.
  • and much more.

Quite frankly,  if I had the ability to put on a conference, CAPA is doing it as I would.  I strongly recommend going to this symposium and learning new things, verifying old things and joining an organization that is bi-partisan and looking for the truth!

November 15 thru 18th with extra paid events afterwards: “The Big Picture:  Why JFK, RFK and MLK had to Die.”

What? The Judyth Vary Baker Assassination Conference

Where? Doubletree-Hilton Market Center

Costs:  Vary.  Pre-tickets for 3 days and speaker’s dinner (where you can get autographs) are $105.  Hotel is extra.  Tour by non-Dallas resident Judyth Baker is $45.  Cost at the door well below presale tickets (per website https://jfkdallasconference.com/homepage/)  Donations asked for flowers for Lees’ grave; contributions for extra hotel costs for the traditional 11/22 observance (I don’t know who this is for as Robert Groden and Beverley Oliver live in the DFW area) No refunds, but your purchase this year will be honored next year (per the website)

Per the website: This historic conference will bring in 40 of the best witnesses, writers, newscasters and experts to focus on what really happened to cause the murders of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We will also consider related murders of important witnesses.  For example, Roger Craig, Jr. will be speaking out, for the first time, about how his father was murdered.

Analysis:  I have real issues with the host of this conference and her claims, even the ones for this conference.  She touts that witnesses will speak of their first-hand knowledge of the assassination, but the only verified witness on the panel is Jim Jenkins and that’s thanks to the reputable William Matson Law.   She seems like a very nice woman but her claims of being Lee’s mistress don’t ring true.  Furthermore, too many of my friends who are respected and known in the JFK community have been duped by her.  These people include:  Pamela Brown, Dave Reitzes, Betty Windsor, David Lifton, Dave Perry  and lesser known names who have shared their experiences with the public about her tours in New Orleans and her claims that change as often as Trump’s tweets.  She is a staunch supporter of Roger Stone, the self-proclaimed “dirty trickster”; Beverly Oliver, the self-proclaimed “Babushka Lady” and a myriad of other dubious “witnesses” to the Assassination.  Her “experts” are authors have written kind “reviews” of her book; researchers she asks to speak at each of her conferences like Ed Tatro;  and Robert Groden who many have claimed bragged about stealing film and other evidence from the HSCA.  On the other hand, reputable authors and researchers like William Matson Law, Dr. David Mantik and Dr. Cyril Wecht are giving Baker credence by speaking at her conference. Her defenders  include James Fetzer, Ed Haslam and a host of kind people who want to believe that people wouldn’t interject themselves into such a horrific event.  More on my thoughts about that here.  Back to the analysis, the key persons to see here are Dr. David Mantik William Matson Law, Jim Jenkins and Hubert Clark.  You can do that at the next conference I write about, JFK Lancer.  See below.  If you want entertainment and tall-tales, go to this conference.  If you want new research and truth, go to CAPA.

November 16-18 

Where? The Lorenzo Hotel

What?  JFK Lancer Conference

Costs?  $199 plus hotel/food/tours

$99 for students and spouses


Per the website: JFK Lancer November in Dallas Conference attendees have had many opportunities in the past to hear first person accounts of witnesses to the 1963 events in Dallas, including Beverly Oliver, Jean Hill, Paul O’Connor, Dennis David, Ed Hoffman, Harold A. (Skip) Rydberg, Bobby Hargis, Bill and Jean Newman, James Tague and FBI Special Agent James Hosty. Also, Kerry McCarthy, Abraham Bolden, Gail (sic)Nix Jackson, Jim Jenkins, Dr. Toni Glover, Buell Wesley Frazier, Dr. Robert McClelland, Dr. William Zedlitz, Anne Dischler, Madeleine Brown and Ed Martino. Recently, we hosted, Dr. Kenneth Slayer, Dr. Joe Goldstrich, and Dr. Peter Loeb from Parkland Hospital.

JFK Lancer does not necessarily endorse the findings or conclusions of the speakers or any presentations made at the November In Dallas Conferences. While we strive to host a professional conference holding our presenters to the highest standards, we make no claims, guarantees or promises about the accuracy, currency, or completeness of the information provided and are not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for results obtained from the use of the information. Please contact each speaker directly for additional questions or concerns.


Analysis:  JFK Lancer is broadening their scope this year to include the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK, much like the Baker Conference.  The only conference I have ever done, save for Dr. Sabato’s in Virginia, is the Lancer Conference.  I don’t always agree with their style, speakers or themes, and they don’t seem to either as they honestly say they don’t necessarily endorse the findings or conclusions of the speakers or presentations.  It would be nice if they would have newer speakers instead of the same panels each year as there are several witnesses/researchers/authors who are credible with new information about the JFK assassination.  They have also begun to have a relationship with the Sixth Floor Museum as witnessed by their speakers this year and last year.  Highlights of this conference are the findings of Alan Dale and Malcolm Blunt as well as Dr. Mantik and William Law.  Chris Scally, who has written a chapter in both my books will also be speaking and just hearing his meticulous findings is worth a day in downtown Dallas.

November 19

Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling

Analysis:  I attended this luncheon 4 years ago.  If you like a small group of people you can get up close and personal with, then this is the luncheon to go to.  Bill Simpich is the standout in this line-up.

To close, I wish, oh God I wish, I had the health and finances to put on a conference in Dallas.  I am appalled that there are no conferences that support the women in JFK research.  I wish there was a conference that included the Cuban segment of Dallas during that time.  It would be great to have a symposium that included College professors from many of the great colleges in our area.  I have shared these ideas with Ms. Conway and others but it may be too expensive to do.  We’ll see in the future!  In the meantime, Dr. Sabato at the University of Virginia does a great job of putting together speakers.  If you live near that area, check his calendar for upcoming events.

PS.  This analysis of the conferences is strictly my opinion.  No ill will is intended towards any of these groups.



















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