Day Nine: Pieces of the Puzzle-The Odios, The Ferres and the Rogers

For those of you who have lived in Dallas since the 50’s, this one is for you! What do the families of the Ralph Rogers* founded Texas Industries, the six-time mayor of Miami, Maurice Ferre and the Odio family have in common? It’s more than just politics. The answer is in Chapter Six of Pieces of the Puzzle by Gayle Nix Jackson with Doug Campbell, Steve Roe, Chris Scally and James Wagenvoord.

Oh my!! Only 7 days until the Book Launch party for Pieces of the Puzzle !Hope to see you at the Texas Theatre on Jefferson in Oak Cliff from 6-8. Admission is free and there will be a cash bar as well as soft drinks!

For more background info quickly on these three families, click on the links and read below:

The Rogers Family: The history of TXI here goes back to 1951, when Ralph Rogers founded the company. His son, Robert, former chairman of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, retired as president and chief executive of TXI in 2004 after 34 years.During the 1960s, Ralph Rogers played an instrumental role in bringing together more than 200 independent educational stations under the umbrella of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).
He served as the very first chairman of the PBS Board of Governors from 1973 to 1979. He was lauded by Richard Nixon. He was also a founding trustee of the Childrens Television Workshop, which developed Sesame Street. Journalist Bill Moyers concisely expressed the high esteem in which Mr. Rogers is remembered within the world of public broadcasting: Ralph Rogers is one of my heroes. Without him, it is unlikely we would be here today.

The Odios and Politics:

This is about creating a counter-balance to the overwhelming influence of big corporations who stood in the way of policies most Floridians need and want, said the Alliances executive director, Carlos Odio, a former Obama White House aide and son-in-law of U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey. Corporate interests have a lot of money at stake and they wont hesitate to bring down people who challenge them. There is no transparency on the corporate side. But its not as if the Alliance which some in the party refer to as ideologues is itself a bastion of transparency.

Maurice Ferre and Cesar Odio, Silvia Odio’s older brother-click on the links.

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