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Day SEVEN: Pieces of the Puzzle…Many Strange Surrey Stories

  Robert Surrey, pictured above, was General Edwin Walker's aide-de-camp. As many know, Bernard Weissman testified to the Warren Commission that he saw a stack of the handbills pictured below in General Walker's station wagon. But what other stories do we now know about Robert Surrey? There is one whole chapter dedicated to the interviews…
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DAY SIX! Pieces of the Puzzle: The Boys of CUSA

Here is the entry for Day Six teasing you about contents in my new book, "Pieces of the Puzzle." CUSA or Conservatism USA was the brainchild of Larrie Schmidt, a passionate conservative, lover of politics and precursor to Roger Stone. He and his friends Bernard Weissman, Bill Burley, Norman Baker, Larry Jones and a few…
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