Granddaughters of JFK Assassination Films

Professor Donald Wilkes, Jr. of the University of Georgia Law School sent me a copy of the review he wrote for Flagpole magazine of Alexandria Zapruder’s book, “Twenty-Six Seconds.”  I have never read the book, nor met Ms. Zapruder, but after reading Dr. Wilke’s review, I was astounded about the perception we both have of our grandfathers’ legacies.

Ms. Zapruder toes the Official story line.  That explains why she was a guest speaker at the Sixth Floor Museum and I have never been asked.  She was interviewed on several major networks.  I was not.  We both were affected in a personal way because of the murder in Dallas.  We both loved our grandfathers.  But we are both treated so differently, as were our grandfathers.  Even with the release of the withheld “fluffy” files, it is hard to believe that even to December 26, 2017, the media is STILL reporting the “official story” and ignoring the researchers and those of us who have had family evidence destroyed, hidden or worse.  Ms. Zapruder never questions a thing.  Did she not study the same reports/witnesses/events that I have?  Why is this?  Are we all being “zaprudered”?

I have my own ideas, but I’ll keep them to myself.

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