The Nix Film: 40 Years Ago Today

Forty years ago today Robert Groden was on Good Night America with Geraldo Rivera.  On that show, he astonished the world by showing the Zapruder film that he had spirited a copy from during his time at Mo Weitzman’s EFX studios.  Why is this important?  The Nix film was also spirited away during that time and is now missing while the Zapruder film is considered evidence and paid ($16million +) as such to be housed in the NARA and the Sixth Floor Museum.  The Nix film was played that night 40 years ago too but why is it missing now?  Something to think about isn’t it?


Thank you to the ever-wonderful, gracious, intelligent and well-versed JFK researcher Don Roberdeau for reminding me!

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  1. Paladin
    The ones behind the cover-up of the conspiracy were in fact very worried that night 40 yrs ago not because of the Zapruder film but the Nix film. If the enlarged Nix frames showing the fatal head shot @2:44 in the above video were to the left a little the conspiracy would have been blown off the lid. The bright light around Bill Greer's head is not "glare" off Roy Kellerman's head- there is no "glare" in fact off anyone's head in the Nix film. Groden knows this too.

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