The Flaw is in the Foundation: The Nix Film Proves the Fallacy

Research and Photo Credit:  Chris Davidson

Research and Photo Credit: Chris Davidson

As a member of many great forums,  Duncan MacRae’s the JFKASSASSINATIONFORUM; Greg Burnham’s Forum; Greg Parker’s REOPENKENNEDYCASE Forum and the EducationForum, I am, like many interested in the JFK case astounded by the brilliant research that is free for anyone with the time and energy to read in regards to the many anomalies of this case. Please forgive me for not mentioning the many other great forums out there, but these are the ones I go to read most often.

Of course, any thread on these forums that discusses the Nix Film is always my first reading.  Tonight, This morning, I found a thread on the Education Forum discussing the alteration of the Zapruder film.  What I found  astounded me.  Why had I never thought of this?  It is as simple as it is profound.  Thanks to the brilliant thoughts of Jon G. Tidd and Robert Mady as well as the mathematical research of the Nix film by a man I have long respected, Chris Davidson, the flaw in conspiracy thinking is in its very foundation of Z- 313.

My grandfather, Orville Nix, always said he thought his film looked “different” from the time he saw it projected on the wall in the middle of the night at Dynacolor over and over until the time he saw it again at Life Magazine a week later.  He never could explain why.  I always thought that to tamper with the Zapruder film would mean all the other films would have to be altered.  But I was wrong.

In a civil debate between Robert Mady and Jon G. Tidd,  the question they are discussing is what makes a myth and what is fact?  The Zapruder and Nix films and their “alteration” is discussed in the myth decision process.  Both men agree there is alteration, but to what extent?  (This is what is so great about civil debate…true answers can be found) You can find this whole thread here.

Robert Mady’s thread is Deconstructing the Lies. He writes:

I am proposing…that the reason is the foundation the WC and Conspiracy theorist(s) both start with; three shots ending at Z-313, is a fundamental flaw that prevents any chance to discover the truth….”

Jon G. Tidd writes:

I believe the whole extant Z-film is a fabrication.  I believe it was fabricated to disguise the number and locations of shooters, to conceal wounds inflicted on JFK, to conceal the timing of the shots fired, and to conceal the slow-down and possible stopping of the limo.  I’m not expert in photography but I do observe anomalies in the extant Z-film; for example, the static nature of the citizens shown to be lining Elm Street and the inconsistency between the head wound shown in the film and witness statements (e.g., Parkland medical doctor statements) re the condition of the head.  I’m strongly persuaded as well by the relatively recent information provided by Dino Brugioni re NPIC activities on the assassination weekend.

The extant Nix film is in some obvious ways inconsistent with the Z-film.  Gayle Nix says the existing Nix film is not the film Orville Nix recorded.  The Nix film shows different movement for Clint Hill and Jackie Kennedy; shows a pronounced slowing of the limo; and IMO shows Mary Moorman standing in the street, contrary to the Z-film.

I’m not knowledgable to any extent about the Muchmore or Bronson film, although I have studied both a little.

I have no hesitation believing the Z-film and the Nix film were altered by the U.S. Government.  It’s clear to me the U.S. Government would stop at nothing in covering up the facts of the assassination.

I’ll cut to the chase and discuss the best part (If you don’t like spoilers, please click on the link above and read the rest of the discussion)  Chris Davidson proves there was alteration using not only Warren Commission words, but the ITEK study and Dale Myer’s studies as well and how did he do that?  With research and math and their findings:

Mr. SHANEYFELT. Yes; there are. There are six photographs selected at random from the Nix film, including frame 24, which is a frame depicting the shot to the head of the President, and there are three photographs picked at random from the Muchmore film, including frame 42, which is the frame depicting the head shot. These are the pictures that were used in establishing the location of the Nix and Muchmore cameras on location in Dallas. Frame 10, which is the first one of the Nix series, is the one showing Mr. Zapruder standing on the projection.

Count back from extant Z313.

Shaneyfelt 313-24 = 289

Itek study  313- 28 = 285

Myers       313-22 =   291

I wonder which versions of the Nix film were they using.

I wonder too Chris….I wonder too!


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