Some of the Differences in the Nix film and Zapruder Film


Zapruder Nix Film Comparison, courtesy Robin Unger.

Zapruder Nix Film Comparison, courtesy Robin Unger.



Everyone who knows about the JFK Assassination is familiar with the Zapruder film.  It is the iconic image of that horrible day in Dallas.  So why, if we have the Zapruder film, is it important to view and ultimately find the camera original Nix film?  Here is a small listing of the differences in the Nix film and the Zapruder Film.

What the Nix film shows:

  • Filmed from the opposite side from the Zapruder film, the Nix film shows the assassination sequence and the grassy knoll.
  • The Nix film shows what MK Davis believes is a missed shot behind the limousine.  This missed shot coincides with the  Warren Commission testimony of Virgie Rachley (Mrs. Donald Baker)   Stavis Ellis, Royce Skelton and Edna Hartman.
  • In the 1976 Italian made film,  ” The Two Kennedys”, one can
    clearly see a smoke puff rising from behind the fence of the Grassy
    Knoll – just as described by a number of witnesses standing on the
    Elm St. Overpass including: Richard Todd, and S.M. Holland (see, cf.
    the video ‘Rush to Judgment’ and segments of interviews with Holland,
    Todd, Lee Bowers and others therein.)
  • In the above named film, clearly visible, is the fragment of skull
    bone, seen rocketing over the trunk of the car as a direct result
    of the head shot. In ‘The Two Kennedys’, this fragment is ringed for
    easy identification throughout its trajectory. Charles Brehm in an interview (‘Rush to Judgment’, 1966) also notes the displacement of what he believed to be
    a skull ‘particle’ to the left and rear of the limo.
  • Many have seen movements or images of a second shooter on the grassy knoll in the Nix film.  Is this why the Nix film is missing?

What the Zapruder film shows:

  • The assassination sequence in its entirety at a close range.
  • The graphic head shots.
  • Shot timing
  • Shows Jean Hill and Mary Moorman’s foot placement.
  • Used by the Warren Commission to confirm the Single Bullet Theory
  • Shows Governor and Mrs. Connally’s reactions to the shots.

As I said, this is a short list and both films contain much, much more.  Some believe both films have been altered, especially the Zapruder film.  If we could find the Nix film, this theory  could be proven as well.





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