The JFK Researchers You Should be Following


I am quite excited about what this year will bring with the release of so many great books and of course, the Classified File Release in October. There are so many new JFK researchers in the community and there are so many great researchers. I am going to try to give my recommendations on researchers and the blogs I feel are worthy of your precious time. I’ll try and name my favorites every few weeks as the sheer numbers of many of their entries are daunting. The criteria I use is:

  • Readability
  • New Research
  • Importance to the field.

So many blogs are but regurgitations of stories that have been around for years. Others are nothing but theory. Even worse are those that, in my opinion, are fantasy or unproven. The sites or researchers I will highlight here have none of these flaws. I may name researchers that some don’t personally care for, but hey, this isn’t a popularity contest, this is research. (And quite honestly, just because they’re listed here doesn’t mean I like them personally)

In no particular order, here are the three blogs I frequent often:

William Kelly’s JFK CounterCoup

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Bill Kelly has been a researcher for many years. His work is important. His work is interesting. And best of all? He doesn’t sit on his laurels, he takes action. He helped start CAPA—Citizens Against Political Assassinations and is the editor of the newsletter as well as a member of the Board of Directors. To learn more about CAPA, click here

His website is a candy store for those interested in the obscure, important and fleshed out stories of the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King and RFK. I urge you to read from 2007 through 2017. Not only does he share important information, he reviews books, he promotes events and his style is non-confrontational and easy to read. His blog entries often question your take on the official story and force you to realize there’s much more to be done.

Jefferson Morley’s JFKFACTS.ORG

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Morley is an author, activist and researcher. His site attracts those who believe the official story and those who don’t, as witnessed by the many debates in the comment fields of hot topics. After reading the many stories that are updated daily, make sure to read the comments for advocates of both sides of the debate, whatever that may be that day.


Click here

I have a soft spot for this Forum as it was the first one I read when writing Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film. Some of the finest, unsung and unheard of researchers frequent this Forum. The late Gary Mack spent a lot of his time here. (Cheers and thanks to Martin Hinrichs, Rick Needham, Bruce Marshall, Chris Scally and so many more. I made friends with all these talented people while writing my book)

I have found this forum to be a mix of people you would find arguing at an office lunch about current affairs. The difference is, these people are usually qualified and knowledgeable about the JFK Assassination. Another perk for this site is the Robin UngerJFK ASSASSINATION GALLERY with the largest collection of pictures I have found on the Internet. You won’t be disappointed when visiting this site.


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