Fifty Four Years Ago Today: Never Settle

Fifty four years ago, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. In a feat that has never been matched since, the Dallas Police Department apprehended a suspect in less than an hour, though no witness saw him take a shot.

The toll this horrific event has taken on the progression of politics, culture, acceptable behavior, the Kennedy Family, the citizens of the US and of the world is inestimable. Even more so for those who were suspects, “persons of interest”, friends and family of Lee Oswald, and innocent witnesses who were in downtown Dallas on November 22, 1963 to see our young president and his beautiful wife. We should have had, by law, all the files released last month. Why do we allow our civil servants, our elected officials, our judges, our intelligence agencies, the people we pay to run our government in an honest way lie to us and treat us as if we are senseless herds of imbeciles who do not know how to read, think critically and logically?

Aren’t you tired of it? I am…And as long as I have air to breathe I will continue to ask questions of our government and why they choose to do the things they do. I will not settle for propaganda. I will not settle for deception or half-truths. I will not settle for redactions in government papers. I will not settle to live the life my grandfather and many witnesses were or have been forced to live because they refused to believe the “official” story. Men and women died and die daily to protect our country. Their lives will be in vain should we “settle” to be led blindly. When you give thanks tomorrow for all the wonderful things in your life, please give thanks to those who don’t settle. Please give thanks to those who have gone before us. And please give thanks to those who tell the truth at costs that we may never fathom.

The Nix Film. Frame 12 of the JFK Assassination Sequence

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