A Book Launch, a Thank You and a Plea

Orville Nix:  The Missing JFK Assassination FilmThe Book Launch Party for my book, Orville Nix:  The Missing JFK Assassination Film was a success!  Other than the high humidity and heat, it went off wonderfully!  At least the rain stayed away for the duration.  I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for coming; whether physically or in spirit.  I would also like to announce that though I thought the Amazon title would be up by now, it will be soon.  For the interim, you can buy hard copy covers (autographed) from me here:  https://gaylenixjackson.com/books/.

I only have a few boxes left of first edition books.  Soon, you will be able to buy a softcover version on Amazon as well as ITunes, Nook, Kindle and Android as well as Kobo.  The Amazon soft cover should also be available in the UK.  If you are unable to purchase one, please send me the address of your nearest library.  I will happily donate one to them.

I would also like to say now that some of you  have read the book, it is time to take action.  We must find the Nix film.  We must demand our government tell the truth.  We are a great country!  We have gotten past many tragedies and in doing so,  came back as a stronger nation.  Think about it:  Child labor….Japanese Internment camps…..Slavery…..we can handle the truth!!!  So why can we not find it in the JFK case?  Why is the Nix film missing?  Why weren’t people told what experts found in the Nix film as late as the ARRB hearings?  (red bandana) Why are the Cravens, Babushka Lady and the boy at Parkland Hospital’s films missing as well?  Why is Warren Commission and HSCA evidence for sale on Ebay?  Why are the files still sealed?

I urge you….I implore you…please help me in this quest! There is a new generation of JFK researchers doing fabulous work and seeing the case with a new set of eyes.  We need to quit alienating one another in research and work together.  There should be no Facebook hate pages.  There are intelligent people on all sides of the argument.  Professors, researchers, witnesses, family members, former committee members, ANYONE who has verified knowledge of what happened during this horrific time in our history should not feel scared or intimidated to talk.  We owe it to our country.  We owe it to our children.  We owe it to the world.  We owe it to history.

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