Yearly Archives: 2015

The Cuban Missile Crisis and Dino Brugioni

The National Archives in tandem with the 12/23/15 edition of  Newsweek,  has released some declassified documents from the Dino Brugioni collection.  To commemorate this extraordinary release, which features a curated list of the most noteworthy documents declassified in 2015, contributing editor and Archive FOIA project director Nate Jones is publishing a supplemental online posting for…
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Was the Nix film Altered?

CRUCIAL MUCHMORE FRAMES ARE   ABSENT FROM THE Z—FILM by Allan R.J. Eaglesham, PhD Milicent Cranor's interesting article "The Magic Skull" in the July TED (11 led me to dig out my video copies of the Zapruder, Nix, and Muchmore movies and to painstakingly reappraise them one frame at a time. I am happy to report…
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Lawsuit Filed for Return of Nix Film

On November 21, lawyer Athan Tsimpedes of Washington D.C.  filed a lawsuit against the US Government and the National Archives for the return of the Nix film.  The Government will have 60 days to respond.  It is my hope that this suit will be the first of many made by others to question why evidence…
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