Was the Nix film Altered?


Allan R.J. Eaglesham, PhD

Milicent Cranor’s interesting article “The Magic Skull” in the
July TED (11 led me to dig out my video copies of the Zapruder,
Nix, and Muchmore movies and to painstakingly reappraise
them one frame at a time. I am happy to report that I see an
anomalous triangular shape (like a shark’s fin) on President ;
Kennedy’s head, in frames 17 to 22 of the Nix film, that is 
completely consistent with Milicent’s description in “The
Magic Skull.” In addition, I am shocked to find a two—frame
disappearance of President Kennedy on the Muchmore film. 
It is clearly apparent on freeze—frame and occurs as the
limousine passes in front of the Newman family, at approximately  Z-280. [2] This disappearance is consistent with JFK
having fallen across Jackie’s lap, as was described by many
eye—witnesses. In the Z— film there is no such movement by 
the President before the final head shot.   

Allan R.J. Eaglesham, PhD   

Dr. Eaglesham’s article was written in 1995 for the Fourth Decade in which he mentions seeing the film from a  1993 Robert Groden video “JFK:  The Case for Conspiracy”.  You can read more here .

Was the Nix film altered? Was the Muchmore film?  There is a huge camp that believes the Zapruder film was altered.  I never believed it, but recent studies and information given to me have caused me to seek people who may have had access to the Nix film within the FBI, Secret Service and Hawkeye Works.  Work done by Rick Needham, MK Davis, Chris Davidson and many others would lead me to believe there are anomalies in the films.  When UPI owned the Muchmore and Nix films, they were frequently licensed as a set on the same reel.  This is one of the reasons people who don’t know the films confuse the Nix and Muchmore films to this day. What do you think?


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