Update on the New Book! JFK: The Untold Stories


I know….I’ve been remiss in writing this blog.  But do you know why?  I’m trying to complete this book that I had hoped would be finished last year.  My Orville Nix:  The Missing JFK Assassination Film will be republished by Skyhorse in early August and I thought I would have this one ready for editorial/formatting as well.  It will also be available on Audible. I’m shooting for an end of August date for finishing the book.  In the meantime, here’s some key subjects the book will carry:

  • The experiences of James Wagenvoord during his tenure with Life magazine.  Look for new information you’ve never heard; confirmation for things you suspected; and blockbuster revelations!
  • A thorough chronology of the Nix film including information you have not read.
  • Rare interviews with the Warren Reynolds Family; Father Machann; Larrie Schmidt; Bernie Weissman; The sons of Robert Surrey; The daughter of Bertha Cheek (niece of Earline Roberts);  members of the Cuban Catholic Relief Program in Dallas and more.
  • Research on the American Nazi Party, General Walker and how it could pertain to the JFK Assassination.
  • Did Silvia Odio know about the Walker shooting?
  • The date Oswald came to Silvia Odio’s home:  verified by Father Machann.
  • The University of Dallas, Robert Morris and the Right Wing of Dallas
  • Mike McLaney, Robert Mckeown, Felipe Vidal Santiago, Roy Hargraves, Fermin De Goicoechea, Jack Ruby and Carlos Prio and the Mafia and more.
  • A different look at Marguerite Oswald and Marina Oswald from a woman’s perspective.
  • The Rifle without a home (Gerry Hemming, Loran Hall, etc.)
  • And more from great researchers and authors who are contributing chapters including Chris Scally, James Wagenvoord, Doug Campbell, Steve Roe, Trish Fleming, Zachary Jendro, Matthew Scheufele, S.R. Dusty Rhode, Bill Simpich and more.

I’m finishing this book as we speak.  I hope you’re as excited as I am!


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