JFK: The Untold Stories–Cuba and the US

I am working on the Anti-Castro groups in Dallas and their affiliation with the Catholic Cuban Relief Organization, Silvia Odio and Lee Harvey Oswald.  In doing so, I find that it is necessary to write a brief, very brief history of the political climate in Cuban from 1940-1963 but there is so much more.  I urge those of you interested in how Cuba may or may not figure into the assassination do so by understanding its history:  and in turn, understand the history of the US times as well.  I found this tonight and thought it would be a nice way of sharing with you a little about Cuba’s history.  Though there are errors that I see (the US didn’t force Castro into Communism, FDR wasn’t the reason the country became democratic and more) it IS a quick synopsis of the symbiotic relationship between Cuba and the US.cuban-revolution

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