From CUSA to the Western Goals Foundation

Larry McDonald Pie by Mae Brussell. Picture by Ladi Von Jansky

Larry McDonald Pie by Mae Brussell. Picture by Ladi Von Jansky



I am currently completing a book about untold stories involving people and events pertaining to the horrific murder of JFK. In my research, I have come upon information that as a life-long Dallasite, was even news to me. I knew, thanks to my family and living in Dallas, that this area was a hotbed for conservatism. There’s nothing wrong with conservatism just as there’s nothing wrong with liberalism. Where both go wrong is when they become extremist.

Some of the people I’m interviewing for this book I hope will be of great interest to those who have an interest in those times. They include Larrie Schmidt, Bernie Weissman, Father Machann, Carlos Bringuier, members of the Catholic Cuban Relief group in Dallas, Brad Angers and many more. The people listed above may or may not be nefarious. My hope is that when you read this new book you suspend your bias and try to see some things in a different way. There will also be chapters by Doug Campbell, Steve Roe, Trish Fleming, Zachary Jendro, Bill Simpich, James Wagenvoord and possibly a few more.

With that said, I wanted to share something I found of great interest in writing my book. It is how some people become so drunk with the need and love of power that they cross over to the dark side of extremism. (yeah, that was a Star Wars allusion) Mae Brussell, the often misunderstood but respected researcher found this connection long before I did. In her article written for Hustler in 1984, (some people truly DID buy these magazines for the articles) she discusses Larry McDonald, Ronald Reagan, the John Birch Society and how the government in tandem with right wing extremists were gathering personal information to use against politicians and civil servants (remember that title?) to further their goals. This group was called the Western Goals Foundation, founded by Larry Mcdonald and hoped to become the umbrella for right wing groups throughout the nation, much like Larrie Schmidt’s CUSA but on a much larger scale.  Some of the members of the Western Goals Foundation had connections to the JFK Assassination.  Most of the information came from the think tank where John Rees, another member,  was later employed;  the Maldon Institute.

The Western Goals Foundation solicited funds to create a computer database on American subversives, but was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) when it was caught attempting to computerize references to “subversive” files pilfered from the disbanded Los Angeles Police Department “Red Squad.” Allegations by the Reeses and other right-wing spies have been used by the FBI as a justification for launching massive investigative probes. These intrusive FBI investigations harassed, smeared, and disrupted groups that were not engaged in any criminal activity, but simply exercising their constitutional rights to dissent from official government policies.

After the Watergate and COINTELPRO scandals of the seventies, laws were passed to restrict police information gathering within political organizations. The Tower Commission (John Tower of JFK interest) put an end to the Western Goals Foundation (financially supported by Nelson Bunker Hunt) when it found that it was a part of Oliver North’s Iran Contra funding network. But the intelligence collected was already out there. Someone had it to use. Do you see parallels here because I sure do.

Read Mae Brussell’s article here.

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