Pay it Forward for Zach and Trish



Two of my dear friends are getting married.  Know how they met?  In their search for truth in researching the JFK Assassination.  Help me help them start their new lives together by clicking on this link and sending a “Congratulations” gift.  You don’t have to wrap it, you don’t have to spend more than you can afford, you just let them know you are happy for them and wish them well for each finding the person with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives.

Isn’t it nice?

For those of you on Facebook that follow the JFK groups on the assassination, you are probably familiar with Zachary Jendro and Trish Fleming.  They are researchers who work very hard to find the truth and check all sources even those iconic names we all know:  Mark Lane, David Lifton, The Babushka Lady, Badgeman, etc.  In other words, they don’t believe everything they read they take the next step and verify that the truth is being told.

I find this trait refreshing and wonderful.  I find these two people to be a great benefit and asset to the JFK research community.  Some people don’t agree with them, but the proof of their integrity and thirst for truth is evident in everything they say, write and speak.  I have shared their work on this site and both of them are contributing chapters to the book being written now:  JFK:  The Untold Stories.  You can read their articles as well on Carmine Savastano’s  blog.

Trish and Zach have also been interviewed on the Ochelli Effect Podcast.  I’m sure they will be on many more programs in the future because they are lucid, passionate and not afraid to ruffle feathers.  We need to question the facts.  We need to question witnesses, evidence and the media to ensure we’re not having the wool thrown over our eyes.  Most of all though?  We need to be kind and civil to one another, but not be cowed down by people who choose to not be kind and civil.  Trish and Zach are the poster children for this kind of discourse and I applaud them and respect them.

So do me a favor will you?  Help me help them.  Pay it Forward.  You never know when you will need someone to help you whether it be in JFK research or life.  Click on this link and help them start their new lives together with a little less financial stress.  Will you?

It’s nice to be nice.  It helps them and it makes you feel good.

Thank you for helping any way you can.  And thanks for reading my blog.









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