Some Thoughts from Readers About Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film

Orville Nix:  The Missing JFK Assassination Film

I have been getting so many kind letters, Facebook posts, messages and phone calls from readers who have read the book.  I would like to share some here with you and thank you ALL for being so supportive!  You truly don’t know how these kind words warm my heart for my grandfather and for all the years I’ve spent looking for the film.  It’s nice to know this book is touching you to help me not only find the film, but to help the world find the Truth.  Thank you!  It is also available on Goodreads and Kobo and will soon be in the ITunes, Barnes & Noble, Nook editions and many more!

Just finished reading “Orville Nix:the missing jfk assassination film” by Gayle Nix Jackson. Bravo! Fantastic read! An eye opener for sure….. I had no idea! We are in it! Wink!

Trish Fleming

Reading your book has given me some focus of my own in knowing for what and where to look on the film. There are some methods that have been known to rescue very faint detail from color film. I’m going to employ them and see what the film tells me. If I were the perpetrator of this crime…I would be scared to death of the Nix film.

M.K. Davis

Gayle? Your book looks great and is a fascinating read! I started to read almost immediately, I just finished chapter one. It’s summer here in the Netherlands and it’s so darn hot almost all one can do is sit absolutely still and read a book, so yours arrived just in time one might say.
Thanks so much for the autograph and the kind message you wrote for me. When I am finished I will write a critical review and post it on the Forum. I am also thinking about posting some of the Fifty Questions of Conspiracy (chapter 22 of your book) and see where the debate leads us.
With gratitude and admiration, your friend from distant shores,
Joffrey (Jack) van de Wiel
Back to reading about Paw-Paw Nix and his missing film Emoji
My goodness Gayle!  I had no idea of all of this!  I cannot put this book down.  Thank you!
Betty Windsor
Its a no putting down kind of book.  The way you tell the details leading up to the assassination has been fascinating-feel like I am there.  I will be doing a review on Amazon and did put it on my FB page for my friends to buy!!!
Peggy Codella
Gayle – I am so enjoying the book that I have nearly finished it – on chapter 16 now! I is addictive and also I wanted to say that the way you describe your grandfather really reminds me of mine! My grandfather also had a hard life growing up in Italy and he never got the chance to go to school much as he had to work. All my mum’s side of the family were farming families who lived and worked on the land so I feel I have so much in common with your story. 🙂

Btw Gayle – I AM STUNNED by that bit in your book about Honest Joe’s and the car with a g un at the top?! Whaaat? I didn’t know of this as never read Forest Sorrels testimony or know much about him but great work! I always thought it looked like a white car in the Nix film. Has anyone does anymore research on that since?
Francesca Luisa
Hey guys, do yourself a favor…You’ve heard me speak of my good friend Gayle Nix Jackson, and her book about her Grandfathers film of the JFK assassination….It’s titled “Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film”…It is a fantastic… book and great read. If you have any memory of the JFK assassination, or interest in it and the things around it, you need to get this book…It’s finally on Amazon and you can get it three ways…The hard copy, the Kindle version or the text version…Go there now, and order it, you won’t be disappointed!
Steve Crisafi
Gayle, you write so beautifully and this story is so great!  I want the world to know about it!
Vicki Griffin Robison
Nothing more than what I call ‘Glenn’s First Law’, Gayle – ‘Credit where it is due’. You and your family should be proud because it’s a great book, a vital book and, not wanting to speak for someone I never met (so I will) – your ‘paw-paw’ would be VERY proud of his little girl!!!
Glenn Fleming

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