A Mother’s Day Tribute to Ella Nix, Elaine Nix and Jackie Kennedy


Jackie Kennedy:  Happy Mother's Day

Jackie Kennedy: Happy Mother’s Day


My grandmother Ella “Granny” Nix married Orville Nix in 1938.  A year later, Ella became a mother to my Dad, Orville Jr.  She was the kind of mother that we all strive to be:  The Mother that protects her children when its needed and allows them freedom to grow.  She raised my father to respect himself, his surroundings and his parents.  She played mother to my grandfather from time to time as well.  That’s sometimes a part of being married.

My mother Elaine Nix married my Dad in 1957.  I was born in 1958.  She too was the kind of mother we all want to be:  the kind that instills creativity and a love for learning into her children while accepting their different personalities and encouraging them to be the people they are.  All of my friends loved her and many sought her advice.

Jackie Kennedy was also one of these wonderful Moms, though her parenting skills were in the public eye.  While a high profile figure as the first lady and fashion icon” of her time, through all the ups and downs in her life, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was first and foremost a mother to her children, a difficult task considering the circumstances which she had to endure. Every reaction of the events Jackie lived through was always in the best interests of her two children, whether it be shielding them from the public eye during their stay at the White House, or keeping them safe from the terror that inflicted the Kennedy family following the assassinations of John and Robert. To this day she is highly regarded as one of the most honored and praised mothers of her time.

This post is in praise and remembrance of Ella Nix, Elaine Nix and Jackie Kennedy.  May we all strive to be the kind of mothers they were: sacrificing, confident, inspirational and beautiful women.  Without these types of mothers, where would the world be?

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