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The Nix Film: Frame by Frame

[caption id="attachment_2641" align="alignnone" width="720"] The Nix Film. Frame 12 of the JFK Assassination Sequence[/caption] Herbert Blenner, a JFK researcher, has spent hours upon hours studying the Nix film.  He is sharing his research with us through a webpage he has developed that allows the user to see the Nix film frame by frame as well…
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Bill Miller: The Myth of the Mystery Man in Dealey Plaza

Bill Miller is a foremost expert on photographic material.  In the following article, he describes how the Nix film proves it is not a sinister gunman behind the pyracantha bush known as "Black Dog Man" but more likely, the Dealey Plaza groundskeeper, Emmett Hudson.  Read below:
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Missing Evidence in the JFK Assassination

I confess.  I check Ebay, Craigslist and Goodwill often for older JFK books, new pictures that have never been seen, or just stuff.  I'm disgusted today though.  As if there isn't enough missing evidence in the JFK assassination, now there's stolen evidence from the Warren Commission, House Select Committee and other government agencies for sale on…
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