Guest Post Redux: Lovelady is Still in the Doorway by Matthew Scheufele





Over recent days, there has been a big push among the Oswald is innocent community to promote that Lee Harvey Oswald was the person on the front steps of the School Book Depository.  It is my opinion, that this is not necessarily the best argument to make to prove his innocence.  The research presented here is not to prove or disprove his guilt or innocence.  This is about the truth, and the fear that we are making it more difficult for the next generation of historians to find the truth.

The Warren Commission had this to say about the photograph known as Altgens-6.


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Truthfully, there is not a single deposition by any witness on the steps or across the street from the Book Depository that witnessed Lee Harvey Oswald on the stairs at the time of the assassination.  Yet some people insist that the people were either pressured into not telling the whole truth, or were not asked the correct questions when they were interviewed by the Warren Commission.  They prefer to ignore all of the inquiries that have taken place which have come to the same conclusion, that Billy Lovelady was the person on the steps. 

It is extremely important to this debate to look at what Lee Harvey Oswald was wearing at the time of his arrest.  Due to recent research that has been called a bombshell to the case that allegedly proves that it is not Lovelady on the steps , we must examine this carefully.  Nobody can argue with science and pixilation.  Through scientific analysis, that is thorough and accurately performed by qualified individuals, we can without any debate, prove or disprove that Lovelady was not on the steps of the Texas School Book Depository and Lee Harvey Oswald was.  So let’s examine the reports written by the interviewing officers, and let Lee Harvey Oswald explain what he did when he went to his rooming house prior to his arrest.

Presented here is the FBI report which was written by one of the people who had the opportunity to be present while Lee Harvey Oswald was interviewed by Captain Will Fritz of the Dallas Police Department. The agent who wrote the report was James W. Bookhout.  Take a moment to read what he has written here.  This interview was the first interview conducted with Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963, the same day that the President and Officer JD Tippet were murdered.  Lee Harvey Oswald stated to the FBI agent, that he “placed the articles of clothing in the lower drawer of his dresser.”

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 This is an important fact as we continue to make the case that Oswald was not on the front steps of the book depository as is being claimed in the pixilation study.  What is not in question is that Lee Harvey Oswald went to his rooming house and then later was arrested later in the Texas Theater.  His own statements to the investigating officers, indicate, that he went to his rooming house, via bus and taxi.  There are those that insist he hooked a ride with a Nash Rambler owned by Ruth Paine.  But there is no doubt; based on his interviews with Captain Fritz and the FBI that he took a bus and a cab, despite the cries of some in the research community.  Let’s stick to the uncontested facts.  He went home and later he was arrested.  When he went home, he changed his clothes. 

Let’s look at the interview of Oswald on November 23, 1963.  Maybe the reports will show something different.  It is almost a day later, and he has had time to think about his statement of the night before. 


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What did Oswald say to the interviewing team the next day, Saturday, November 23?  He stated, “He changed his shirt and trousers because they were dirty.”  The problem with this is that the FBI agent, James W. Bookeout, is the person filing both of these reports.  The argument could be made that he is on the government payroll, and that he is lying about what transpired in the interview with Oswald.  It is virtually identical to the report taken the night before.  There must be something wrong here, or the interviewing agent is biased and is setting up Lee Harvey Oswald.  There can be no other conclusion.

Thankfully there is another report.  This report was completed by Thomas Kelley of the US Secret Service.  He was present in the interview of Lee Harvey Oswald on Saturday, November 23 at 10:30 AM.  In examining his report, the words of Lee Harvey Oswald come through loud and clear.

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Inspector Kelly says that Lee Harvey Oswald said, “…he went home, changed his trousers and shirt, put his shirt in a drawer.”  I think it becomes clear, that Lee Harvey Oswald did not wear his work clothes to the movie theater in which he was arrested.  We have two interviews of evidence and questions.  Both interviews have Lee Harvey Oswald returning home and changing his clothes.  Two different interviewing officials, with the same information in their reports, clearly have Oswald stating that he changed out of the shirt that he was wearing at work on the day of the assassination, into the clothing he was arrested in.

At this point, you are probably saying. “So what?” you are beating a dead horse here.  In the last week, the research community has been hit with pixilation evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed on the steps of the School Book Depository.  In fact, the pixilation of Oswald’s shirt clearly matches the shirt in Altgens-6 therefore, we have photographic proof that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the steps of the Texas School Book Depository.  Please look closely at the shirt in which the pixilation analysis was completed.  The original article is here:  JFK: Judyth Vary Baker cements Oswald in the Doorway, by Judyth Vary Baker (with Jim Fetzer).    


Please look closely at the shirt that is in the picture and then look at the caption underneath the photograph.  This is a screen shot taken from the article that proves that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the steps of the Texas School Book Depository.  You do not have to be a specialist in pixilation to debate this.  All you have to have is an elementary school education and be able to read.  While one can admire the thought process behind the analysis of the pixilation, if you are analyzing the wrong shirt, you are 100% not proving anything. 

Let’s take a look at the article more closely.  Was the analysis of the photo Oswald’s arrest shirt?