The JFK Assassination and the Texas Instruments Connection

Jada from Bill Kelley's site: JFK Countercoup2

Jada from Bill Kelley’s site: JFK Countercoup2

Through my research, the Texas Instruments company name keeps coming up throughout the JFK Assassination investigation.  For instance:

  • Ed Hoffman, the deaf man who claimed  he saw a man with a rifle moments after the shots were fired. He later described how a man wearing a dark suit and tie, with an overcoat, ran west along the wooden fence with a rifle and tossed it to a second man who was dressed like a railroad worker. The second man then disassembled the rifle and put it in a soft brown bag.  He worked for Texas Instruments.
  • From a Dallas Police Memo: On Wednesday, November 27th, Mr. Bill Walsh, Personnel Director of Texas Instruments called and gave the following information:
    On Friday, November 22nd at about 10:45 am one of their employees, Charles Burns ran across Atwell St to the entrance of Texas Instruments and was struck by a white Cadillac, Louisiana licence number 941985. Mr Burns was not injured sufficiently to call the police but the driver of the Cadillac, a woman who gave the name of Conforto or Comforto came to the office to use the telephone to call an unknown man who arrived in a few minutes to take Mr. Burns to a doctor for examination. The woman driver of the car gave the impression of being in show business and stated to the man who came to get her, “Let’s hurry up and get this over with, I have to get to New Orleans”. It is unknown whether this incident has any significance in the Oswald case.
    Chas Batchelor
    Assistant Chief of Police
  • The Conforto or Comforto woman is the “Jada” that worked for Jack Ruby and was friends with Beverly Oliver.  You can read Bill Kelly’s excellent article here
  • Erik Jonsson, the founder of TI and in 1963, president of the Dallas Citizen’s Council would be the 1964 Mayor of Dallas.  He announced to the crowd at the Trade Mart that the President had been killed.
  • George Barney, a TI inventor of airborne systems that allow “covert penetration of enemy territory” had the CIA attention as well as a flight log with Jack Ruby’s name as a passenger.
  • Oswald told Mary Bledsoe, his former landlady, he was trying to land a job at Texas Instruments or Collins Radio.
  • Many of the White Russian Community worked at Texas Instruments.


Could there be more to Texas Instruments than we’ve studied?

Erik Jonsson:  Mayor of Dallas 1964-1971 and founder of Texas Instruments.

Erik Jonsson: Mayor of Dallas 1964-1971 and founder of Texas Instruments.











Ed Hoffman article:

Erik Jonsson:

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