Zachary Jendro and Trish Fleming’s post on TSBD supervisor Roy Truly, The Devil is in the Details,  was so well-received that today’s post is another Guest post by a JFK researcher.  This one is by Charles Cliff and asks the questions those of us who are conspiracy realists ask often….Coincidence or conspiracy??


Coincidences or Conspiracy ???

By Charles Cliff

One of the Warren commissions apologists favorite ways to explain away details of the JFK assassination is to simply say “it was just a coincidence”, the problem with this is that you actually have coincidence after coincidence after coincidence which must be simply a coincidence for their case of a lone gunman to stand. The more and more you look at these so-called coincidences the more and more you get the feeling that these coincidences are not at all quints and likely part of something much larger.

Here’s a look at some of those coincidences and you can judge for yourself whether they are not.

– A 20-year-old Oswald gets discharged from the Marines apparently because his mother is sick he stayed home a grand total of 48 hours before he leaves on his journey which would take him to the Soviet Union all of this happening at the same time the CIA is running a fake defector program where they have undercover agents pretending to defect of the Soviet Union as a way of gathering info on the Soviet Union. Coincidence ????

– A few years later the same Oswald who left the US to go to an enemy nation renounced his US passport and married a woman whose family has ties of the KGB is suddenly allowed to come back to the US is never investigated for treason and is never harshly questioned about why he left the US in the first place. Coincidence ???

– in New Orleans Oswald Passes out Pro Castro leaflets not only did he pass these leaflets in front of the international trade Mart which just so happens to be run at the time by none other then Clay Shaw but the leaflets include the address is 544 Camp St. which is the address of Guy Bannister who ran several anti-Castro groups and is frequented by David Ferrie an associate going backed to Oswald’s days in the civil air patrol – coincidence ???

– The Cuban embassy in Mexico City have a camera installed the take pictures of people coming into the building and leaving the building. Lee Harvey Oswald made five separate visits to the Cuban embassy in Mexico City yet we are told that on each one of the visits the camera was malfunctioning so there is not one single picture of Lee Harvey Oswald entering or leaving the Cuban embassy, coincidence ???

– Lee Harvey Oswald An alleged Marine sharpshooter could not hit Gen. Edwin Walker who was sitting stationary from a relatively close range but he apparently was able to hit JFK two out of three times, at a much farther range in a moving target with a rifle with a misaligned scope. Coincidence ???

– Lee Harvey Oswald orders a 36 inch Mannlicher Carcano rifle from Kleins sporting goods in Chicago Illinois they happen to apparently send him a 40 inch Mannlicher Carcano not the 36 inch one he ordered the 40 inch rifle would be the one that would be found on the sixth floor of the Texas school book depository and only a smudged palmprint would be found on the rifle from Oswald and no prints of Oswald’s would be found on the bag he supposedly carried it in coincidence ???

– despite that fact that extraordinary security measures have apparently been put in place by the Dallas police, Jack Ruby an average everyday night club owner walks down a supposedly guarded ramp go in the crowd in the basement filled police officers steps out in front of Oswald who was also surrounded by police officers and shoots him without anyone ever asking Ruby a single question about who we was and why he was there. Coincidence

these are just a few of the pages and pages of odd coincidence that the Warren commission relied on to make the final judgment that Oswald was a lone assassin and the more and more that you sit and you think about all of these difficult with the more and more It should become clear to any clear thinking persons mind that these are not just simple coincidences these are happening because someone wanted them to because they are part of a planned and plotted event that have people behind the scenes pulling the strings so that these “Coincidences” happen as they are supposed to.

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