You Too Can Be The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo…the NSA Internet Research Book


By Steig Larson

By Steig Larson

There is so much to say but I just cannot.  I am overwhelmed by the nature of power, greed, hypocrisy and falsehoods that permeate the media, social media and sometimes even family.   Read the article and click on the website link for your personal copy.  I will be putting the PDF on this site as well. For your perusal, from the Leak Source website:

The National Security Agency has produced a book to help its spies uncover intelligence hiding on the web.

The 652-page book is titled Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research and was published by the Center for Digital Content of the National Security Agency.

It was released by the NSA last year after a FOIA request filed by MuckRock, but that version is a redacted black and white copy. After doing a quick Google search, LeakSource has discovered the proper unredacted version of the book (source/pdf), in color with working hyperlinks. It looks like it has been on the Internet since 2007.

The author’s are revealed to be Robyn Winder and Charlie Speight, whose names were redacted in the MuckRock version.



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