Day Thirteen: Pieces of the Puzzle–The ANP, Surrey and Essary


Charles Essary at Dealey Plaza, photo taken and used by permission of Phyllis Rocher.

During my interviews for over two years with Robert Surrey’s son, I was astounded by the things he experienced as a young man during the same time I lived in Dallas. He told me of a man who was very close to his father in the American Nazi Party and spent much time with their family. The man was to live with the Surrey family and two more people in the Doomsday home they were building in Oklahoma. Phyliss Rocher gave me permission to use the above picture she took when the American Nazi Party demonstrated at Dealey Plaza in 1967. The man? Charles Essary, who also used the name Assarian just as Surrey used the name Max Amann.

#JFK #Pieces of the Puzzle

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