We Can Handle the Truth, But Maybe the Government Can’t!


Consider this post a vent. Or a call to action. Or just dismiss it if you’re tired of hearing about the files. Part of you will read this and think, “Oh, there’s another conspiracy nut finding new conspiracies.” To you I say, “NO, there’s nothing new. This is the same ‘ole same ‘ole except with a new administration.” Others will read this and say, “She just hates Trump.” To you I say, “I didn’t vote for him, but he’s pretty easy to read. He deals. He likes saying “You’re fired” and he plays a rough around the edges style of politics that the political status quo isn’t accustomed to and thereby doesn’t know how to handle.” He is the kind of president we have never seen. Some may say that’s good. He’s not the typical politico. But I would disagree. He is DEFINITELY the typical politico with a different style. He makes deals. He tells lies. He makes promises he has no intention of keeping. But Trump and the sad state of our Democracy isn’t my point today. This is a post about the JFK Files. Where is the truth in our country any more?

My problem is this: Why do we allow politicians to break laws? Wasn’t the October 26th, 2017 release of ALL files a law? I’m not a lawyer, but by not releasing all of them, isn’t that breaking the law? How could there by National Security issues 54 years after the fact? Do our elected officials still believe we are too dumb, too naive, too emotionally immature to handle the truth? Cue Jack Nicholson with one slight change. “WE CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!” But can our government? Were the files not released because the government screwed up and is scared to admit it? We know how many assassinations the CIA planned in other countries. What makes us think they wouldn’t do it here? We know they hired Mafioso, hit men, mercenaries, corporation heads, media, Anti-Castro Cubans, gunrunners, ex-military and many, many more to do their dirty work. (Blatant plug for my new book here, read the soon to be released Pieces of the Puzzle to find more) Who is still around within the government trying to cover up their complicity, duplicity, and their implicit knowledge of the death of our 35th president?

My next problem is this: So many of the files are nothing more than copies of copies. For instance, one file may be numbered, say “97” and as you peruse, you see that “342” is the exact same file. Why? (I’m just using those as examples, they may or may not be the same)

And then, there’s the issue of these files being nothing more than cover pages for giant reports. Like this one:https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32163685.pdf

The above report is at least 1052 pages long but is not shown. It also includes photographs. Where is this report? It has restrictions. It was last updated 2/12/2001. Why can’t we see it?

And lastly, why was the NARA or whomever was uploading these files working on them so recently? Twenty five years? Is that not enough time for someone to go through all these? If our government was private enterprise, the business would have gone under years ago.

For a more erudite explanation with great examples of files we haven’t seen (except the explanation as to what happened to the camera original Nix film) see Rex Bradford’s essay here.

Friends, haters, family, humankind? When are we going to say we’re tired of this and not take it anymore? When are we going to force the media to show both sides of the issues? When have we had enough?

I have.

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