Gayle – I am so enjoying the book that I have nearly finished it – on chapter 16 now! I is addictive and also I wanted to say that the way you describe your grandfather really reminds me of mine! My grandfather also had a hard life growing up in Italy and he never gt the chance to go to school much as he had to work. All my mum’s side of the family were farming families who lived and worked on the land so I feel I have so much in common with your story. 🙂

Francesca Luisa, UK

Finished your book, sweetie! I read it with a fine toothed “comb”, looked at all your notes as I came to them, and then went over all your bibliography. Great book – found out some things I had never read before, and I have been studying the assassination for many years. Can’t wait to see what the next book has in store for us!

Sarita Barton Boyette,

I just finished your book. I loved it. It was poignant, funny, sweet and tragic. The level of injustice you’ve encountered can’t be addressed with mortal intervention. To buy your possessions back from the museum guy would take more than you’d get. You could try the position that perhaps your dad did not have contractual capacity to made those donations, but again it’s $$$. You’ve foiled any plans they might have had to use your research for a book of their own. This is no consolation but had you sold it for mega bucks would you have had the same motivation to write the book series? If no book, how would this injustice to you, the people and the president have been given voice? God is just and all things will be made right. I believe someone will return your items. You could raise enough money through a website to buy back your rights. Any number of things may yet happen. Most importantly though consider the tenacious spirit of fighting for the truth that you’ve demonstrated to your children. How proud they are and will be to share with their kids. Their kids will be as proud of their grandmother as little Gayle was/is of her grandfather. The legacy you’ve carried on is worth ten times the cost of a film. I hope you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished. I’m honored to have “experienced” these events through your book. I can’t wait for he next one my friend!

Lisa Harwell Stiles,

Now that tampering of the famous Zapruder film in the JFK assassination has been established, attention must be focused on an equally-important photographic record — the Orville Nix film.

Oops, it appears to be missing. His granddaughter provides details of the mystery.

Jim Marrs, http://jimmarrs.com/