Monthly Archives: February 2016

JFK: The Untold Stories– Major Archibald E. Roberts

I have been so busy for the last year and a half researching, interviewing and writing my new book:  JFK: The Untold Stories.  After writing Orville Nix:  The Missing JFK Assassination Film, I had grandiose plans of writing 4 more books---one about Henry Wade, one about little known stories (the one I'm writing now), one about…
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Is There Really a JFK Assassination Community of Critical Thinkers?

The picture above is how I feel about my "conspiracy theorist" label.  I truly try to think critically about subjects that matter and have taught my students and children to do the same thing.  But I find that in the JFK Community, this isn't always the case.  In fact, I no longer feel there is…
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