What Will 2017 Bring to the JFK Community?

Paul Austin

Paul Austin Murphy–New English Review

Will our new President release the files?

And if so, will they be so sanitized that it won’t matter? I suggest you follow Bill Kelley, Joe Backes and Doug Horne to see what IS there and what isn’t. The JFK Community forefathers kept great records of what they found and should be released. They also noted reports that they saw once and never saw again.

My new book will be published this year and will reveal more pieces of the puzzle. Like what?

  • Interviews with Larrie Schmidt, Bernie Weissman, Father Machann and more. What did they know?
  • Questions about General Walker’s true role in the conspiracy and cover-up. There are witnesses in Dallas, never before spoken to, that will shed insight into the real General Walker.
  • Insight into Marina Oswald and Marguerite Oswald’s relationship with each other and Lee.
  • What did the Ku Klux Klan, the Cuban community in Dallas, the Berlitz School and Lee’s possessions tell us that the US Intelligence Community and Government didn’t in regards to the assassination of JFK?
  • The mysterious rifle touched by Loran Hall, Gerry Hemming and others. Could it have been the true rifle used in the Dallas Action?
  • James Wagenvoord whistle-blows on his time with Time/Life and reveals never before heard facts relating to the Zapruder film, Bobby Kennedy, and the US Government.
  • The most thorough chronology ever written of the chain of evidence in regards to the Missing Orville Nix film.

My lawsuit against the government for the loss of the Nix film is ongoing. It is with great hope and many prayers that a resolution and answers will occur in 2017.



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