A Letter to a Young JFK Researcher

 I am a lucky woman.  Many of you are lucky people.  Some of you don’t realize just how lucky you are.  You have a chance to share your wisdom with a new generation of researchers who, like us, want to find the truth.   This is our responsibility: to guide new researchers and ask them to see all sides before coming up with an opinion.   I sent this letter to a young man yesterday.  I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m sharing it with you without redacting his name.  If there is more to add to this man and others like him, please feel free to comment.

Hi Jake,
My name is Gayle Nix-Jackson and I am the eldest granddaughter of Orville Nix.  I am a former English professor, present day mother and future rabble-rouser for all things true.  I use the research skills I learned in graduate school as well as my own experience as an inquisitive person.
I have been searching for the camera original Nix film since 1988 when I found it was missing.  I have made huge mistakes in trusting JFK researchers in the past, but I have since learned to gravitate towards those who are logical, civil and have no agendas.  I would suggest this route for you as it is freer from hurt and disillusionment.
I have had the great fortune of being friends and speaking with many of the first generation JFK researchers, several of the middle generation and now have had the delight in meeting some of the younger JFK researchers.
My suggestions for you are to study researchers who you find that either have a like mind or completely different from what you think.  That way you will have a more well-rounded and objective view.
Please note there are many charlatans, liars and people who have made careers out of the JFK case.  I find that sad in many ways.  Some of the people who you have read or heard as iconic in this case are not.  Learn all you can about well-known researchers and go from there.  We all have a past.  If the person you admire has remained the same in character throughout the years, then that is the type person you want to know and read.
As for me, I believe there was a conspiracy, not only to kill the president, but to lie to the people.  It is an embarrassment and a slap in the face to thinking Americans and people of the world.  I do believe LHO was part of this, though I have doubts as to his being the only gunman.  My grandfather believed until the day he died he heard at least four shots and that some came from the stockade fence/park (grassy knoll) area.  Listen to those on all sides of the issues and trust your judgment.  If you do this,  you’ll be fine.
I am currently working on another book.  My first should be out this month.  My interests are in the lesser known people of the case, the CIA’s manipulation of the media, the Texas Connection and the LHO/Mexico issues.  I would also like to know more about Zapruder, de Mohrenschildt and the women players in the case.  I find the psychology of the times fascinating as well.  It played a much larger role than is given credit.
I hope that helps!  Please let me know if you have certain questions you’d like me to answer.  Will you be writing a book soon?  If so, what is the working title and subject?

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