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The Missing Nix Film Book Excerpt

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Quick facts

Fact One

After the FBI returned the Keystone 810 camera to Orville Nix in pieces, they bought him a replacement camera, a Keystone Capri.

Fact Two

Clyde Barrow once visited the home of Orville’s wife, Ella, in Scurry, Texas. She called him a “hoodlum friend of her no count Uncle.”

Fact Three

Renowned researcher and attorney Mark Lane filmed an interview for his movie, “Rush to Judgement” in Orville’s home. As he was leaving, the cameraman bumped the cumbersome camera into the kitchen wall leaving a large, dark mark. Though he apologized, Ella wasn’t happy and ran them both out of her home with a broom.

Fact Four

When Jim Garrison called Orville to testify at the Clay Shaw trial in New Orleans, Orville refused for fear of notoriety.