Mary Lucille Bass Connell: Relation to Texas Oil Kings?

Lucille Connell. Her name is as unknown as my next door neighbor’s. But in the annals of JFK Dallas history, she is important. You see, Lucille Connell was a friend of Silvia Odio’s. She also hosted the prime minister of Burma at her home. He was her pen pal. Connell was the one who introduced Silvia Odio to the psychiatrist Dr. Einspruch. She was active in the Cuban Catholic Relief organization in Dallas. She was very close to Father Machann. She was a bellringer and officer for the Dallas Mental Health Organization, an organization Manning Grinnan presided over. Manning Grinnan was the brother of Joe Grinnan of the John Birch Society and infamous ad designer of the “Welcome Mr. Kennedy” ad in the Dallas Morning News. But the most interesting question about Lucille Connell in my opinion? Was she a member of the renowned Bass family of Ft. Worth?  This is strange to me as just saying you know the Bass family, even today, is an instant invitation to DFW Society.  Sid Richardson was a member of the Bass family and was Clint Murchison’s best friend.  You can read more about both of them here in this wonderful article entitled “Islands of the Oil Kings”  by Dallas Morning News Writer Allan Peppard.  I had no idea the Murchisons and Richardson practically owned Matagorda Island and did own the private island of St. Jo’s. (People who go to Corpus Christi for Spring Break know about these islands on the Texas Coast)  Sid Richardson died there.   If you’d like to learn more about Ms. Connell, you can read it in my new book, an anthology: Pieces of the Puzzle.

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